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04/26/19 at 11:23:16 


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Mini Torri HA (Read 1513 times)
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Mini Torri HA
04/05/12 at 01:50:33
HA = Headphone Amplifier!

What a quandary..but a nice one.  I just installed a 1/4" headphone jack on my Mini Torii.  There is a convenient spot just below and in between the volume controls.  Removed the plug and installed the jack there, taking advantage of thorough surface treatment to provide insulation from the chassis.  I don't know about the rest of you, but the input jacks on our M.T. Arrived without the usual shouldered washers that insulate them from ground - at least on the top side of the amp.  There are washers underneath, however, but both sides would be required in the case of bare metal chassis.  No matter, I can always install them on the top later.

The quaundary mentioned above has to do with the fact that it's great for speakers, and single handedly sort of whipped every other headphone amp I have for headphones.  It's dead silent.....really, not just very quiet.  That's crucial to me for headphones.  Moreover, the treble roll-off swith, which is essentially a shunt type of control, is now extremely helpful for smoothing the otherwise slightly too sharp of an edge I get, particulalrly with Grados.  Wonderful stuff!

And In writing this, I think I just solved the speaker-or-headphone application: there are two spare holes (also presently with black hole plugs) that I can use to switch the main transformer output between the binding posts for speakers or the phone jack for headphones.  The line level out will only be active when speakers are used.

So in short, I have been somewhat frustrated with using the Grados with other amps because of background hum during quiet passages.  I have an OTL that is not too shabby in this respect, but the Mini T. Is better by a good margin.  In the end, maybe I'll just use the Mini T. for headphones and start stashing away what I can toward the big Torii, which I have admired from afar very often.  It's really a work of audio art, that one is!
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Have fun!
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