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06/22/18 at 18:25:31 


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Some great blues playin.. (Read 1125 times)
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Some great blues playin..
03/31/12 at 15:13:44
Some nice runs from a guy that is not known to be a nice person, but who cares.
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Re: Some great blues playin..
Reply #1 - 04/03/12 at 14:45:50
Johns a good guy. I new when he debuted in 2001, he would be around in 2011 and I predict 2021. Growing the whole way. He will do a mind blowing Trio once again.......and again.

The people that knock him....can't write a song, sing and play guitar and chew gum at the same time. Far as his attitude and romancing? Seems pretty normal to me........ . Here's hoping the vocal chords are healed/healing... .  I also look forward to him colaborating with other like artists/guitarists and/or vocalists.
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