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For Sale: R&B/Soul/Funk Records (Read 1182 times)
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For Sale: R&B/Soul/Funk Records
03/30/12 at 03:55:56
Here is my updated list of R&B/Soul/Funk 33 1/3 records I'm selling. The records are in EXCELLENT condition unless otherwise noted. I use a Benz Micro Glider and a Koetsu “Black” cartridge. I won't play records that are in less than excellent condition for fear of damaging my cartridges.

The records are $2.49 each. $1.99 each if you purchase 8 or 9 records. $1.75 each if you buy 10 to 15. Purchase 16+ records from this list and I will make you an extremely attractive offer. The lower prices do not include those records that are otherwise priced/noted. I will give a discount on the more expensive records if you purchase 10 or more.

Buyer pays shipping charges ($5.50 CONUS) via USPS "Media Mail" for each mailer. 5 records can be safely put in an LP mailer. The records will be properly packaged for safe transit. I am located in northern Ca-94610.

Payment via Bank/Cashier's check or Postal Money Order. I am not set up for PayPal. If you are interested email me at Vinyl4tubes at yahoo dot com. Thanks

Artist          Album title  Cond      Jacket
5 Star "Between The Lines"      Ex            

Abstrac' "Abstrac' "      Ex            

Alantic Starr "As The Band Turns  Ex            

Alexander O'neal "What Is This Thing Called Love?" (12") Ex  ($4.99)            

Alfonso Surrett      "Coming Out" Ex            

Alphonse Mouzon "Love, Fantasy"   Ex  corner cut      

Alyson Williams      "Raw" Ex            

Andre Cymone      "Livin In The New Wave" Ex            

Arpeggio      "Let The Music Play"      Ex            

Arpeggio      "Love and Desire" Ex            

Basia      "Time and Tide" Ex  jacket has slight wear      

Bernard Wright      "Mr. Wright"  record has light surface scratches            

Bert Robinson "No More Cold Nights"      Ex            

Body      "Body" Ex            

Brenda Russell      "Get Here"      Ex            

Brick  "Brick" Ex  ($9.99)            

Brooklyn Dreams "Joy Ride"  Ex      ($8.99)

Ca$hFlow      "Ca$hFlow"  Ex       jacket shows wear, writing

Champaign "How 'Bout Us"      Ex            

Chanson "Chanson"  Ex  jacket has torn corner, sticker

Charlie Singleton "Modern Man" (12 inch)  Ex ($4.99)            

Charlie Singleton "Modern Man"  Ex            

Chic      "Chic"  Ex      jacket is tired      

Collage  "Collage" light surface scratches            

Collage "How Do You Like Our Music" light surface scratches

Dazz Band      "On The One"  Ex  jacket has cut      

Dazz Band  "Invitation To Love"      Ex      jacket has cut      

Debarge      "Rhythm Of The Night" Ex            

Deniece Williams "This Is Neicy"      Ex      jacket has slight ring      

Doublue  "Doublue"      Ex            

Evelyn "Champagne" King "So Romantic" Ex            

Falco      "Einzelhaft" Ex            

Five Special "Five Special"      Ex            

Foxy  "Hot Numbers"  Ex      jacket shows slight wear      

George Pettus "George Pettus"      Ex            

Glenn Jones "Take It From Me"      Ex      jacket has cut      

Jamaaladeen Tacuma      "Show Stopper"      light scratches jacket has cut

Jeff Lorber      "Private Passion" Ex            

Johnny Bristol "Free To Be Me" Ex jacket  has cut corner      

Kenny Loggins "Vox Humana"      Ex                  

Linda Clifford "Let Me Be Your Woman" (dbl album) $3.99 slight scratches   jacket has cut corner      

Lonnie Jordan "The Affair" Ex            

Madonna      "Madonna"            

Malcolm McLaren a)Buf Gals & b) Looking Like A Hobo (12") Ex ($9.99)            

Marcus Miller "Marcus Miller" Ex ($9.99)            

Marlon McClain (Pleasure)  "Changes"      Ex            

Michael Lovesmith "Rhymes Of Passion" Ex  jacket has cut corner      

Michael Wycoff       "Love Conquers All"      Ex (brand new $3.99)      

New Birth      "I'm Back"      82      Ex ($6.99)      

O'bryan "You And I"      Ex            

One Way "Fancy Dancer"   Ex jacket shows wear   ($6.99)            

One Way w/Al Hudson       "One Way w/Al Hudson" record has light scratches            

Pockets  "Come Go With Us" jacket is stained

Ray Parker Jr.      Rock On      Ex                        

Rebbie Jackson      "Centipede" Ex            

Rene & Angela      "Street Called Desire"      Ex            

Ronnie Dyson "Phase 2" Ex            

Rose Royce "Jump Street" Ex  ($7.99)            

S.Clarke/G. Duke  Clarke/Duke Project II  Ex   ($9.99)            

Sade  "Promise"       Ex            

Shalamar      "Friends"      Ex            

Slick      "Slick" Ex jacket shows wear      

SOS Band      "SOS" Ex  ($9.99) jacket has slight ring      

Steve Arrington (Slave)    "The Jammin National Anthem"  Ex  ($7.99)            

Sweat Pea Atkinson      "Don't Walk Away"  promo sticker

Switch "Switch"  Ex ($9.99) jacket shows light wear      

Teena Marie  "Emerald City"  Ex jacket shows wear      

The Boys      "Message From The Boys"      Ex            

The Fit "Just Havin Fun" Ex            

The Ritchie Family "Arabian Nights"  Ex            

The Stylistics "Best Of The Stylistics" Ex ($5.99)      

The Time "The Time"  Ex ($7.99)       jacket shows wear      

Thomas Dolby "The Golden Age Of Wireless" Ex            

Tierra "Together Again" Ex            

Troop "Troop" Ex            

Ullanda "Watching You Watching Me"      Ex            

Yarbrough & Peoples      "The Two Of Us"      Ex      jacket shows wear      
ConFunkShun  "Loveshine"  Ex  ($7.99)

Slave "Slave"  Ex ($7.99)

Ask me any questions you may have at Vinyl4tubes at Yahoo dot com. Thanks.
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Re: For Sale: R&B/Soul/Funk Records
Reply #1 - 05/02/12 at 06:20:07
All the records were sold. It pays to take advantage of my offer of extremely attractive prices on a 16+ record purchase.

I will be posting another list of R&B records in the near future. Thanks.
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