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11/21/18 at 20:23:56 


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Mini Torii schematic (Read 791 times)
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Mini Torii schematic
03/17/12 at 15:36:55

I have been using our MT with our big Lowther horns, and out of curiosity tried the amp with our Klipsch Hereies.  The synergy between these smaller Klipsch speakers and the Mini Torii is really exceptional, and has that sense of ease, even at lower volumes, that just sounds exactly correct.  In the past I had done quite a bit of experimenting with a derived center channel, using identical amps (home brew single-ended 2A3) and three Heresies, where the signal for the center is taken off the other two and combined, and then attenuated for a very subtle blend.  It works very, very well, actually, and provided an amazing sense of fullness and space.  So, I would really like to try the same using the Mini Torii.

Here's my question: is the MT schematic available so that I could build a dedicated single channel version of the amp?  This would be used for personal use, only, never to be published pr copied in any fashion.  I have schematics for all the amps I've made, but not this one.  I'd also like to ise the EXACT active and passive parts used on our facotry built amp, and would be interested in urchasing those, as well.  Any help or thoughts on this greatly appreciated!  Erik
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Have fun!
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Re: Mini Torii schematic
Reply #1 - 04/08/12 at 08:42:44
some one did a concept schematic at this link.  I would augment it with a pre-driver using one of the el-84 type circuts with the associated power supply and the glow tubes.


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