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SOLD: Beautiful Mini Torii w/ Extras (Read 1219 times)
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SOLD: Beautiful Mini Torii w/ Extras
03/14/12 at 17:40:10

Looking to sell my Mini Torii, which looks and sound fantastic. I purchased locally in SF Bay area from a nice fellow I met through Audiogon who was the second owner.  

The amp has the following upgrades: Maple base ($50) and 2 Gold Point step attenuators w/Knobs ($200).  I also have a headphone adapter ($80) that connects to the speaker outs created for me by Steve Deckert himself (the Torii makes an excellent headphone amp for cans that need plenty of power).

Also, I have the following NOS tubes:
2-->6x4 WA--Tung Sol (1961)
2-->JAN 12AT7WC (1986)
2-->Rusian 6V6 (1972)
2-->5881/6L6WGC Sovtek (1992)
2-->OA3 RCA (60's?)
2-->OC2 Raythorn (1981)

Breaks my heart to sell this amp, but family issues require that I do so. I would love to sell it to a local buyer in the SF Bay area for $1350 cash, but will ship in the U.S. (splitting shipping and PayPal fees with the buyer). Pay my asking price and I will throw in a pair of Decware Silver Reference Interconnects.

Thanks for looking,


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Re: FS: Beautiful Mini Torii w/ Extras
Reply #1 - 03/14/12 at 23:27:19
I cannot PM you because I have not made enough posts here on the decware forum, but I am interested in buying this Mini Torii. Please send me an email and I can provide perfect and extensive feedback on both eBay and Audiogon.

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