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Most solid state like sounding tubes (Read 9555 times)
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Re: Most solid state like sounding tubes
Reply #15 - 02/24/12 at 23:59:23
My initial comparisons were with Audio-Technica ATH-M30's, which are 65 ohms. They aren't very resistant, but CSP2+ nonetheless gave me sound equivalent to or better than the solid state output with the good rectifiers. The better 5Y3s really have a huge effect.

Later comparisons with my Magnepan MMGs gave me a much better sense of the tube's effects on transient speed, image size and soundstage, since the M30s are closed and among the more closed sounding closed cans. I would think Magnepans and K701s would be pretty similar sounding overall.

Another thing to consider is the driver tube. The 6N1P's sound great in back, but mine stretched out the images a little too much vertically when in the front driver position. A single EH6922 brought things back into balance for me.  
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