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06/22/18 at 01:06:35 


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Hi, Need help with 2 sets of speakers, 1 amp. (Read 831 times)
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Hi, Need help with 2 sets of speakers, 1 amp.
02/17/12 at 22:48:30
Hi all, I have the Zen 84C+ connected to ERR (8ohms), via Styx cables.  Just bought a pair of Tekton OB4.5's (4ohms), with a matched pair of Tekton 8" Subwoofers with a single amp in one base wired to the other.

I also have the CSP2+ with an RCA for Sub.

Do I connect the subs into the CSP2+?

And how can I connect the OB4.5's (4ohm) to the Zen at the same time as the ERR's (8ohm)?  

If I want to hear one set of speakers without the other, do I need to disconnect at the amp all the time?  Or is there a speaker switching box you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Z
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Zen 84C+, CSP2+ Mod Mixer, ERR's, IC's, WP's, Styx; Tekton OB4.5's w/ 8" match subs, Mdht Havana/vCaps/toslink, Pure i20, Fostex HP-P1, Digizoid Zo, AKG701, Sony EX5770; MacBook Pro. MkIII soon.

Interested in tube rolling/power ideas/multiple speaker connectio
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