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SE34i.2+ being discontinued! (Read 5095 times)
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Re: SE34i.2+ being discontinued!
Reply #135 - 03/06/12 at 02:56:14
Hi All.  Can someone tell me how to wire two sets of speakers with 2 subs to my system?

Macbook Pro Source via Toslink > Havana DAC via RCA > CSP2+ Pre > SE84C+ > ERR's (8ohms).  Plus now have Tekton OB4.5's (4ohms) with 2 8" Tekton Subs.

Do I wire subs off the DAC RCA's with a splitter, wire the subs together from their speaker posts.  Then wire 4 speakers in Parallel from Amp, starting with 8ohm ERR's to 4ohm OB's?

Do I wire subs off Preamp Mono Sub with a splitter, then same as above?

Do I split the Stereo out of the Preamp to the subs, then same as above?

Obvious rookie here, who is easier with seeing than words...

Thank You!

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Zen 84C+, CSP2+ Mod Mixer, ERR's, IC's, WP's, Styx; Tekton OB4.5's w/ 8" match subs, Mdht Havana/vCaps/toslink, Pure i20, Fostex HP-P1, Digizoid Zo, AKG701, Sony EX5770; MacBook Pro. MkIII soon.

Interested in tube rolling/power ideas/multiple speaker connectio
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