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Some observations, Good (great), bad and ugly. (Read 1468 times)
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Some observations, Good (great), bad and ugly.
12/19/11 at 16:45:03
I am now listening to a pair of Mullard 6DJ8's. Mid sixties Blackburns I believe.  I have never know another tube in any applications that went through more wide swings in sound and tonality before burning in.  There was a clarity that once heard is hard to do without but everything I loved about listening was shot for two weeks. I started turning on the Torii and going downstairs and watching TV.  I even posted in the general discussions about thinking the Christmas tree was screwing up my sound.  Well the tree is still there and as I write Joni Mitchell and the LA Express is performing live in my living room and my sound is again great throughout the whole house.  The  Mullards have a roundness of tone and top to bottom even tonality that have never been duplicated here, so much so that I did not seem it could have been possible.  I have lived with this music (Joni Mithell, Miles of Isles) for over 35 years and it never sounded so good.  A testament for sure to the Mullards but no doubt to the Torii III in the long run.  
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Re: Some observations, Good (great), bad and ugly.
Reply #1 - 02/04/12 at 18:20:40
Hey Walt, that's great to hear. I know this is a bit of an old post, but wanted to respond anyway. Do your Mullards have that mustard-yellow logo on them?
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