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Ultra Tube Choices (Read 2557 times)
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Ultra Tube Choices
12/17/11 at 18:35:26
I would be interested in what other Ultra owners are using for tubes. I ordered mine without tubes, and for the 8 preamp tubes, I chose Nationals from Upscale Audio. Thy have been great. But recently, I heard something that made me get the heavy duty wallet crowbar out: these Siemens tubes. I tend to be a bit of a detail freak, and for me, that goes hand in glove with soundstage and depth. These tubes knocked my socks off in those departments when I listened to the Cantate Domino, and I fully expect the Ultra to take great advantage of them.
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Re: Ultra Tube Choices
Reply #1 - 02/22/13 at 22:19:13
I am currently running EI 7dj8 tubes, made in Yugoslavia in stead of 6dj8 and they sound great.  ;D
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