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House Wrecker for Bass (Read 2565 times)
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House Wrecker for Bass
12/07/11 at 13:43:26
Let me explain my situation a bit and maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I am a bass player and I'm looking to enhance my live sound. The other day it occurred to me that I could possibly use some old folded horns I've had laying around. I currently use a Trace Elliot Amplifier with a Gallien-Krueger 2 x 10 cab and an old JMF Engineering 1 x 15 cab. I'd like to use the JMF cab only for practice. It works great in the little rehearsal space we have. I have both cabs plugged into the amp, no crossover. However, in live performance, a few feet out. it starts getting wimpy. You can still hear it, it doesn't sound horrible but it lacks the kind of sound you can feel in your sternum.

The folded horns are Peavey FH-1s. The FH-1s have the original Peavey speakers in them which don't have a lot of power. I figured if I get a couple JBLs That would do the trick. I could then get a crossover and dirrect everything below 400hz - 600hz to the FH-1s.

Well, I was browsing on ebay and found someone selling a pair of slightly used JBL 15" speakers. The bidding was at $24. I decided to bid on them since I couldn't see letting them go for that and I fully expected to be outbid. Guess what? I got them for $26.

So now I need to put them in the FH-1s. I checked the specs and they are not quite right for the FH-1s. The impedance is wrong as well as a couple other things. About the only thing right is the diameter.

In researching I found that folded horns, although perfect for the application can be quite large. I have a Chevy HHR and it needs to fit along with the 2 x 10 cab, my amp, my bass and my wife. The HWK 15 will fit with the back seat folded down and will extend from the tailgate to the back of the front seat.


Will the HWK-15 work for the application? Can I cross it over at around 500Hz and run it with the 2 x 10 cab to get the desired results? Full rich, deep bass that will rattle the windows without hurting your ears?

Could I chamfer the corner on the bottom and install casters to move it like a hand truck without affecting the sound?

Would reducing the 50" height to some a little less (maybe pulling it out of the center section) to give me an extra couple inches of clearance affect the sound much?

Anything else anyone would recommend? Thoughts? concerns? Input from those more knowledgeable than myself?

I also think it would be cool to paint it like a vending machine.
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Re: House Wrecker for Bass
Reply #1 - 01/05/12 at 11:52:45
The HWK15 is an excellent choice for Pro-Audio or musical sound reproduction. I have a feeling to get the HWK to play 500Hz to the level that matches your other speakers might be difficult without EQing it. Also choosing the proper sub/woofer to do the job will be very important too and the JBLs should work but I am just guessing without being able to try them myself.

Casters are prolly going to be a must if you are going to move it around a lot. It is a large enclosure and when fully load can still be difficult to move around, even with a heavy –duty hand truck.

I personally would not change the dimensions what so ever. Stick to the original design for the best results, it is a proven build that can fill even the largest rooms with bass.

If you need more info let me know.

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