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Building the wicked one v2 - marine plywood or mdf (Read 3728 times)
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Building the wicked one v2 - marine plywood or mdf
11/01/11 at 00:16:40
I am planning on building the newer version of the wicked one.  This will be my first speaker cabinet build but I made my living in construction so I feel fairly confident that I can do a satisfactory job - wish me luck.  Here's my question number 1 - Is MDF be superior to marine grade plywood or is mdf so commonly used due to price?  Dumb question 1 - I know that the type of finish used in hollow stringed instruments has huge effects on the harmonics and sound.  Does the finish have any effect on speaker cabinets?  I was reading a website where the amp designer only uses a certain type of wood for his amp cabinets and finishes them with some German violin laquer.  That just seems quite over the top and pretentious but I'm new to this don't know if that holds any water whatsoever though I doubt my ears could hear it.  Final question - Would I gain anything sonically if I use thicker material than the plans call for?
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Re: Building the wicked one v2 - marine plywood or mdf
Reply #1 - 12/21/11 at 22:14:46
Actually Syn,  Your questions are good ones not normally thought of by many builders. To address the marine grade plywood vs. mdf question, I will tell you that the mdf wins. Not so much about quality/price, but due to the fact that a bass speaker is better off with a stiff cabinet. This allows less resonance. The only sound product leaving the cabinet should come from the speaker and not the cabinet itself.  Question two; The type of finish used in such a cabinet is moot due to the frequencies being produced, i.e. they are low frequencies and even their related harmonic frequencies are not of an amplitude that would make any difference as far as finish is concerned.
 Q: I would not doubt that thicker is better, but remember to adjust the measurements accordingly. If the thicker material is on the outside of the cabinet only, this would not apply. As much a s anything is that the supports/braces are well glued and fit well. I like to use various glues during construction. Polyurethane for all outside panels, and tightbond III for the rest.
 Lastly, as in any good design, it is important that the pieces are cut accurately. You probably have good tools and a understanding of this. When complete, I would be especially interested in the outcome.
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