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SE84CSM Monoblocks First Impressions (Read 1316 times)
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SE84CSM Monoblocks First Impressions
10/24/11 at 22:58:47
Hi All,

Well... fired up my new/used pair of SE83CSM monoblocks this weekend, and I got to tell you, I'm impressed.  I didn't think they would drive my Von Schweirkert VR3 speakers, but BOY...was I wrong.  Not only did they drive the speakers, on some sources, I don't miss any of the slam, bass, soundstaging, or nuances of my Krell intergrated at all...  and that was a 150+ WPC SS unit!!!  With my VPI Scout as the source, the air, articulation, and macro dynamics are all there.  I'm just waiting for them to break in for the micro dynamics.

The one dissapointment is my Meridian 588 CD player.  I hear a harsh truncation in the treble that almost sound as though the amp is clipping.  Maybe more time with break in will help...at least that's my story and i'm stickin' to it.  

My other source is a Magnum Dynalab FT 101 Tuner which has been upgraded to an Etude and it sound as good as the Scout right now.  Again, with some more break in time, things may even out.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the amps.  As noted in another topic, the input tubes are different in these amps, and I am researching my alternatives to even out the playing field, so to speak.  I'll continue to update everyone on what I do and hear.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome, and I'll be posting pictures soon.

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Decware SE84CS M Monoblocks & HDT Speakers; First Sound Presence Deluxe MK I Pre Amp; Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1/Oppo 971H (as transport for now); VPI Scout/Dynavector 10X5 Cart; Phonomena II Phono Pre; Magnum Dynalab FT101A Etude Tuner; XLO/Wireworld/Signal Cables.
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