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Randy in Caintuck's listening room (Read 12872 times)
Randy in Caintuck
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Re: Randy in Caintuck's listening room
Reply #15 - 05/31/12 at 20:57:16
Hi Lon,

I never really thought about the "manly audiophile" thing, but you may very well be right.  For years, I was a big fan of small, high quality book shelf type speakers because they always pulled a great "disappearing act". I was very pleased to discover that a "man sized" speaker can do the same thing (in a slightly different way) ..... and I must admit to being in love with the dipole open baffle sound .....

But, the WAF just isn't there ..... and that is why Mrs. Randy decorates the first and second floors of our teepee and I am banished to the dungeon .....

Best wishes,

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Re: Randy in Caintuck's listening room
Reply #16 - 05/31/12 at 21:53:33
It really is astonishing when big speakers "disappear". . . and man talk about full-bodied sound!

It's nice to have that basement room for listening and attending enjoyments. I have been banished to a basement twice earlier in my life, and basements can give you wonderful sound!

The next manly thing you should try is a used PS Audio PerfectWave AC12 power cord on the Zen. I can only imagine how good that would sound!
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