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04/25/19 at 23:14:32 


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DecFest Video Some clarification (Read 1503 times)
Chris K
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DecFest Video Some clarification
10/13/11 at 04:09:41
At about 2hr. 35min a question arises about some distortion on the HR-1's on a jazz tune that Doug put in. There is some speculation among the listeners as to weather the Mini Torii is distorting or the speakers can handle the power. Some of you may know I'm heavy on the volume at times. I was not in the room at the time but I think the volume was set rather high on the Mini and it was simply trying to keep up. All the Decware speakers I have ever had at home or heard at DecFest have sounded excellent with small tube power but there are limits. Rest assured all the speakers can take a serious whipping with a solid state power amp and BIG power tube amps and come out smelling like a rose. Not once have I ever heard a speaker overdriven at DecFest with two exceptions with open baffles and the corner horns the driver excursion can be mighty large even larger than the rated X-max of the drivers themselves. As for all the cabinet based speakers they will handle most anything you throw at them. I have run the radials with a Krell KSA200s and a 250 watt Acurus and they belt it out stress free and louder than you would want to listen and keep your hearing. Granted your not hearing all those watts but the fact is the speakers can take gobs of power as well as sound good with low powered SET amps.
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