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12/22/14 at 17:52:15

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MY FIRST TRIP TO DECFEST (Read 1375 times)
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10/10/11 at 04:14:34
My Wife and I just got home from attending DECFEST 2011. I must say  it exceeded all my expectations. We attended all day Saturday. The highlight was hearing a recorded and then a live classical guitar session by a brilliant guitarist.

Our thanks to Devon, Steve, Sara and all the other DECWARE crew for all their hard work and preparation for this years' FEST. Also a special shout out to thank Bob Zeigler for being so gracious to pick us up and drop us off at the hotel.

It is one thing to speak with somebody over the telephone. It is quite another to actually meet and connect in person with folks you had dealt with only by phone.  I enjoyed meeting everyone and having some one on one time to talk.

I had the opportunity to connect some TRAPEZIUM speakers to a ZEN SE84C+ and a ZDAC. Since I own a pair of TRAPEZIUMS back home I wanted to see what they would sound like if their potential were fully exploited. I spent considerable time with this combination, with stunning results. The speakers disappeared on Sara's desk. Then Chris came in and put a CSP2+ into the chain. Immediately, with the preamp in the loop the speakers played louder, with even more weight and authority than previously with only the ZEN amp driving them. Then after listening to this combination for some time we took the CSP2+ out and replaced it with a ZSTAGE.  That combination (TRAPEZIUMS, ZSTAGE, ZENSE84C+, ZDAC) added weight and authority but seemed clearer and lacked the ever so slight coloration the CSP2+ introduced into the mix.  As a result of this listening session I decided to go ahead and buy the demo ZEN amp that I had been using, take it home and see what it can do for my trapeziums.

Another nice thing about the FEST was all the different beers. I read that they would have some beers from different places. I thought maybe I would open a fridge or see an ice keg with some Miller Light, Heinekin, Bud Light, maybe Sam Adams. Instead, there were such brews as Sierra Nevada, Old Speckled Hen, Fat Tire, and some others that were truly unique; some I had never heard of or tried. Needless to day I had quite a few over the course of the day but not too much at any one time frame.  The ribs they served later on were finger lickin good and falling off the bone delicious! Way to go Devon!

Our time at the FEST ended with the bonfire, which I kept loading wood onto until it got really hot. All in all, it was a very pleasurable event, one that we will not forget. Our heartfelt thanks to everybody who did so much to make this event so nice.
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Reply #1 - 10/10/11 at 12:04:09
Thanks for the report, and glad you had a wonderful time.
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Reply #2 - 10/11/11 at 04:56:55
Very cool RR. I am watching and listening to the post fest right now. I am digging Steve's new Horns being listened too. I need to crack open a Summit Extra Pale Ale!

Cheers, Stone of Tone
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