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Common Ground (Read 939 times)
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Common Ground
09/27/11 at 00:28:08
Am I safe to assume all Integrated Amps share a common ground? I need to know if my Zen Select is common grounded or is each channel separate in its grounding? Maybe it has to be common in all Integrated Amps or not?

Furthermore, is the dual mono in one chasis, such as the Torii Mk III common ground or separate mono ground (star grounded maybe) for each channel?

I picked up a pair of 1984-85 Polk SDA 1'S (for fun), which cannot be used with my solid state mono blocks-no common ground. These Speakers use a cable connection between the two to do a left/right (S)tereo( D)imensional (A)rray. An Aural effect with the right material playing and sitting in the sweet spot only. It is fun and I can turn around and sell them for what I paid for them on the Polk Audio Forum. However, right now I am having fun and enjoying them. I need to hear them with both of my Decware Amps too!

Before I hook them up to my Zen Select or my new Torii Mk III coming, I need to be sure and on the safe side to not blow fuses in the Speakers. Or worse, harm either of my Decware Amps.

Thanks in Advance, Stone of Tone
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