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CDROM drive analog out? (Read 839 times)
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CDROM drive analog out?
09/19/11 at 02:02:37
Ok so I have this cdrom drive and an external case. The cdrom is a Plextor and has a few cd controls on the front. Play, stop, eject, FF, and track skip. It also has analog out pins on the back. So my brilliant idea was to use those pins direct into my CSP2+ inputs. Some binding posts for the external case and I was ready to try. It works beautifully..... but I get sound drop outs like for a split second the signal cuts out. Not very often either.

Anyone have any ideas?  My suspicion is that it's a single beam laser and it's hitting a small scratch or dust. It's very old. However when it is playing (4-5 songs in a row) the sound quality is far better than any other player I have. The other players I have are all old DVD players. My main source is my iMac and iPhone,  but I would like to make this project succeed.  Are cd's 2 layer? could it just be changing layers and with the single beam it's pausing?
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