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03/18/18 at 09:06:04 


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ZEN and the La Scala's. (Read 3878 times)
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ZEN and the La Scala's.
08/06/11 at 11:44:05
After... let's say about 2 amp per year [that's at least 70 amps in 35 years] the ZEN arrived, was hooked up, and found to be more natural sounding than any of it's predecessors.
I have heard a lot [I mean a lot] of installs PLUS a lot of live-performances of all kinds; the sound filling the room right now is more "right" than we ever experienced before.
This is a good thing.....a bad thing is that it took me so long to get here.
Ofcourse I never had the chance to buy a let's say 10.000 dollar amp and hear it in my home setup, but IF I had the chance I'd probably wouldn't have bought it anyway.
So I agree with all those others owning a ZEN; simply stunning how this unassuming little box brings our house to life with a life-like tonality and impact!
A lot of jokes are made about us Dutchmen; we would obsessively be on the lookout for getting the best deal spending the smallest amount of money... HEY; THE ZEN IS A PERFECT MATCH FOR ANY DUTCHMAN!  ;D
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Re: ZEN and the La Scala's.
Reply #1 - 08/06/11 at 16:34:36
Congrats...Decware has great amps. I am a happy owner as well.
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adelaide lee
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Re: ZEN and the La Scala's.
Reply #2 - 10/18/11 at 15:13:04
"Congrats...Decware has great amps. I am a happy owner as well. "

yeah... i did agree with u... i is happy to do that...!

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