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For Klipsch La Scala owners (Read 3186 times)
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For Klipsch La Scala owners
08/06/11 at 10:28:42
One of the most talked-about loudspeakers amongst horns....it seems either you love them, or hate them.
I'm in the first category and own mine for more than 20 years now.
Seeing an add in the newspaper [yes, they used to sell stuff that way in the old days], made my heart miss a few beats. After making a appointment for the next day and arranging a car big enough to transport them I did not sleep that night.
Next day after a 1,5 hour drive I arrived, listened and simply payed what the man asked for them. He was the first owner and almost changed his mind about selling before he accepted my money.
With one of the cabinets sticking a bit out of the back of the car [God they are big and SQUARE].. they came into my life and never went.
Now comes the funny part; I never realized how good they were until I joined the Klipsch forum and started to read more about them.
The history, and the mods people tried out to make them sound better without loosing the qualities they are known for got my interest.
After reading A LOT and learning I decided it was time to give it a try.
I would only make mods that would be reversible and keep the stock parts. One-step-at-a-time I exchanged.....well about everything.
Starting with a CT125 tweeter, new diafragm for the middriver, then Al Klappenberg crossover, Trachorn midrange, die-cast replacement woofer, custom [self-made] silver wire and later the bass-section mods.
I don't know about you guys owning them, but for me these changes step-by-step brought them to produce a more natural reproduction of the real thing; LIVE SOUND.
Ofcourse this process took time, time and some more time.... and the help of my listening-friends who regularly helped me from going crazy determening what-did-what.
At this point they remain as they are, simply because I feel there is nothing more to be done to make them better.
I dare to invite everybody who says that horns are not capable of producing accurate music-reproduction to come over, listen and then decide again. [Not doing so because you're on the other side of the pond  ;D] We live in a relatively small village close to Amsterdam, and numerous people found their way to our house to have a listen; funny how words spread amongst audio-lovers....it brought me some special friends for life.
Anyway; I have lots and lots of pics of the steps taken, along with detailed info about the changes in sound plus how-to-do them.
I used my scoop, soundgenerator and RTA analyzer to back me up, but in the end....my ears decided!
Feel free to contact me if you'd like to comment or chat about these wonderfull monsters.
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