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AudiogoN Thread (Read 778 times)
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AudiogoN Thread
06/27/11 at 17:33:17

Great thread here for those that have not read it. I appreciate Lacee's comments:
"What I am very pleased with is the fact that the Ref 3A Grand Veena speakers can be added to the list of speakers that the Decware 2 watt single ended EL84 amp can drive.
And drive very nicely I must add". I already new this, however, others need to know. The whole thread is great too. Steve comments as well.

"So good infact, that I have decided to make it my main source of amplification and abandon my pre and power amp.

If only I had discovered this amp a couple of years ago, I could have saved some serious coin".

I rest my case.

Cheers, Stone of Tone
PS-I just celebrated my 10th anniversary with my Select (CS) last month. I would never sell it. I do want to add the Torii III.....I'm working on it.
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