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05/28/18 at 08:59:54 


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Is it an integrated or power amp? (Read 2236 times)
Steve Deckert

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Is it an integrated or power amp?
05/16/11 at 16:29:26
f Quote:
I am interested in the Mini Torii and I have the following questions:

Is this an integrated or a power amp? Because it seems it has a preamp section, and it states one don't need a preamp.

I already have a preamp I love, can I use this as a power amp? Is there any way to bypass the preamp section? If I cannot bypass, can I use my preamp with it? How will it affect the sound with the signal being preamp twice?

ALL Decware amplifiers are straight power amps, despite some of them being called "integrated".  The confusion comes from each of them having a volume control also known as an input gain control.  This was done so that you could use the power amps directly without needing a preamp.  Of course you can use your preamp with Decware amps just as you have with other power amplifiers.

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