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Help with NFX Duct panel (Read 4531 times)
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Help with NFX Duct panel
04/25/11 at 20:01:09
In anticipation of my new Zen Integrated, I'm in the process of building me a set of NFX's - walnut plywood with birdseye maple caps around the driver and top - should be sweet.  

I purchased the plan from the website, but can't figure out the placement of the internal ducts.  Specifically refering to Fig 25, it shows a 4" angled piece that I think traverses top to bottom placed against each V brace with the angle butting against the side panel.  This is shown in Fig 27, but the description seems to be mis-worded.

Anyway, its hard to describe at best, so I was wondering if anyone has a top down picture of duct panel.  If Iím understanding this correctly, the placement of the vertical duct panel will create 4 discrete ports with sound waves travelling around the balls and out each of the side vents.  Arghhh, this is so difficult to verbalize.

Any help is much appreciated.
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Re: Help with NFX Duct panel
Reply #1 - 04/25/11 at 23:17:40

If you look at Fig. 22 it shows the top two sit on top of the braces. The bottom one fits under the braces.....

Hope this helps,
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