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Cain & Cain Single-Horn Ben in Los Angeles (Read 1530 times)
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Cain & Cain Single-Horn Ben in Los Angeles
03/12/11 at 23:10:48
Unique handmade high-efficiency Cain & Cain floorstanders

$2450.00 obo

*With top-grade super-tweeter and main driver brass ring*

I am the original owner of this pair, among the last made by the late Terry Cain. They are nicely broken in, but in excellent shape. Very conservatively rated 8/10.

They are the natural maple color, about 97 db efficient, 8 ohms. I have been using them with push-pull 2A3s (5 watts) and Cary 300Bs (9 watts), and have never needed more power in my moderate-sized room.

These normally come with the T-90A super-tweeter; this pair is upgraded to the heavy brass T-900A (cost $420 each vs. $170). This pair also has the added brass ring around the main driver, another extra-cost upgrade that may not be offered any more.

Dimensions are 12.5" wide by 23" deep by 48" tall

From the factory, these are shipped in wooden crates, whose listed shipping weight is 350 lbs. The speakers themselves are at least 125 lbs each. I no longer have the crates they came in (which were massive), so I canít arrange shipping for these. If you really want them shipped, you could find a trucking company in the Greater LA area and I would be happy to deliver them there, or pay to have them picked up, but the packing and shipping would be your responsibility after that. The shipping cost is not prohibitive (I think it was around $200 from Walla Walla to LA), but I donít know what would be required to securely pack them. For this reason, the most practical thing is local pick-up. I would be happy to credit $50 toward the cost of a rental van or truck.

More info available on the web.....these are still made by Lovecraft Designs in Walla Walla, where Jason Flanary has taken over from Terry Cain. Search for lovecraftdesigns

Also listed at Audiogon, where photos are available and where I have a good feedback rating. Thanks for looking.
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don pettit
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Re: Cain & Cain Single-Horn Ben in Los Angeles
Reply #1 - 03/13/11 at 01:57:58
hi,  are these listed at audiogon under the cain and cain category?  if so, i do not see them?  don pettit
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