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5AR4 Rectifier Tube Startup (Read 1768 times)
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5AR4 Rectifier Tube Startup
03/12/11 at 04:37:44
I don't know anything about electronics.  I read the following post and wonder if this modification would work on Decware amps.

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For your information, we recently posted a small upgrade to our Ultimate 70, Ultravalve, and even stock Dyna St-70 amplifiers.  All that is necessary is to install two 1N4007 diodes, one in series with each high voltage power transformer lead to the 5AR4 rectifier tube.  The diodes will mount on unused 5AR4 socket pins. The purpose is to prolong the life of the rectifier by reducing the impact of cold hard turn-on AC voltage to the tube.

We recommend this for any vacuum tube amp using a 5AR4 rectifier tube.


Frank Van Alstine

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