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06/25/18 at 20:47:02 


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Underdriven headphones? (Read 831 times)
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Underdriven headphones?
03/11/11 at 22:40:47
I recently purchased a Beyerdynamic DT 880, 600 Ohm set of headphones.  I wanted something different than my Grado SR225s and it sounded like the Beyers would be an excellent match with the CSP2+ I'm considering.

I've spent some time with the Beyers on my headphone rig in the office which is currently a Squeeze Box 3 and an Arcam A65+ amp.  I'm hearing some differences and I wanted to ask if these Beyers need more break in time or if the amp isn't able to power them well enough.

I like pipe organs.  WIth the Grados I can almost feel the vibrations of the pedal division.  The Beyers seem to put the pedal division in another room.  The bass is less involving to me.  I don't feel the vibrations as I do with the Grados and the music is less distracting.  (I'm at work, I want to be distracted!)

Should I expect that my Arcam will do these Beyers justice?

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