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01/23/17 at 23:06:10 

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Hookup options (Read 683 times)
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Hookup options
02/27/11 at 23:17:33
Hey everybody, I just registered today after reading about these wonderful Decware products. I'm really interested in the Zen TorII, and Mini Torii, but I'm a little confused as to how I could integrate it into my system.

It won't be just for 2 channel music, it will also power my mains in my 5.1 HT system with an Emotiva pre/pro and Emo 5 channel amp. So I would use 3 channels from my 5 channel amp for my center and surrounds, and use the Decware for my mains. I know this wouldn't be ideal, but I'm about 90/10 music/HT, and when we do watch TV or watch movies, it's never very loud, and I'm not very picky about the SQ and tonal matching of speakers for movies anyways. I consider myself a 2 channel music guy, much more than I am a HT buff.

What I'd like to be able to do, is bypass my pre/pro for music, and just run straight from my CDP into the Decware. Then have the L/R preamp outputs from my pre/pro going to the Decware amp to also power the same mains for HT. Does that make sense? Would this even be possible? It sounds like the Zen TorII has two sets of inputs, so it seems like I would be able to do this right?

So basically, when I would listen to music, I would use the Decware's volume control, then when I'm watching TV or movies, I would turn off my CDP and level match the Decware's volume controls to my pre/pro?

Does that sound right? If I could easily integrate the Decware into my HT system(kind of like a preamp with HT bypass) then that would be incredible. If not, then I suppose I could just do some cable swapping when I want to have a serious listening session.

So what do you guys think? Hopefully I described my situation clearly enough. Thank you very much for any info you can provide, and congrats to Steve and the Decware team on the great line of products Smiley
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Re: Hookup options
Reply #1 - 03/01/11 at 03:09:44

Yes it will work fine that way. I do it every day with the CSP2 which has the two inputs like the Torii-III

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