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Amp advice requested (Read 1196 times)
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Amp advice requested
02/19/11 at 19:55:52
Hi folks,

I'm considering a new amp and was intrigued by some of the tube models on the market.

My current setup (used for near field listening at my computer mostly) :

Axiom M22 v3 bookshelf speakers (93 DB, 10-200 watt)

Paradigm DSP-3100 10" powered subwoofer

Marantz SR3001 60w amp (low-end Home theater amp I bought cheap)

iMac 27" via Toslink optical

In a 22x11x7.5 ' room, I sit in one corner with speakers at ear height next to the iMac - 3ft away, 30" apart toed in towards me, low to moderate volume.

Most of my music is rock & electronica with a smattering of acoustic guitar & bluegrass in Apple Lossless format. I especially love twangy surf & rockabilly guitar sound also, so the idea of a tube amp is appealing if you think it would be a good match.

If so, what tube family ?

Brands/models to consider ?

What is acceptable Signal/Noise ratio and THD % for this music & environment ?

Which DAC & other assorted accessories ?

I'd like to keep this below $2500, but would go higher for exceptional performance.

Also, getting a headphone output off the amp would be a huge plus if SQ is very good, otherwise off the DAC or a separate HF amp.

Thank you in advance for your sage advice.

Mike in CT
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Re: Amp advice requested
Reply #1 - 02/19/11 at 20:00:06
Look no further than the offerings of this forums sponsor--check out the Decware line-up!
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Re: Amp advice requested
Reply #2 - 02/19/11 at 21:40:58
For your amp you could try the Pivetta Opera One.  It's on sale now for $490,000.00.

See : http://elitechoice.org/2010/06/06/pivetta-opera-one-ink-a-deal-with-the-most-exp...

You will need good speaker cables, so the Audioquest Everest at $21,000.00 for 3 Meter pair might be a good match.  

See: http://www.noiseaddicts.com/2008/11/most-expensive-speaker-cable-world-audioques...

You could, of course, consider bi-amping!

Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

But you'll be happier with Decware equipment.


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