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06/25/18 at 01:21:34 


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First Impressions of my old SE84CS amplifier (Read 2802 times)
Steve Deckert

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First Impressions of my old SE84CS amplifier
02/06/11 at 17:55:01
Hi Steve,

This is Jeff.  We spoke last week about me either going with a SE84C+ or a Taboo.  Well a day later I was blessed to be able to find and grab a SE84C from locally in FL.  I am blown away by the low level detail and transparency of this amp.  My jaw hit the floor as I sat there and watched it outclass my Bryston 4BST.  I am thrilled that I found your product.  I am driving a pair of 88db 8ohm Silverline’s until I get my 98db Tekton’s soon.  The amp is having no issues driving the Silverlines at normal + levels.  Seriously Steve I have used many products and nothing has even come close to this.   I can certainly live with a little less volume for this kind of sound!

Can you tell me, what does the toggle switch on the front of the amp do?

Also, what is the difference between my C vs. the current C+ model?  This one was sent to you for the CCE cap mod.  This is the one I have:

What an amazing amp!!!  I have finally found that the missing piece!

God bless!


Hi Jeff,

Congratulations and welcome to the Decware family!  The nice thing about our amps is that like fine wine they sound better with age, so you did well!

The differences between the two amps is that the SE84C+ has twice as thick of a chassis which lowers vibration and adds to clarity.  The volume knob was moved to the front, and there are two pair of inputs now as well.  The power transformers are also a new design with a much nicer finish and less heat due the better design.  It also has gold plated ceramic sockets and updated binding posts.  Everything else is exactly the same.  We also make that amp in a SE84ZS version and even ZSM version (mono blocks) that adds tube regulation to the picture.  These amps push the absolute limit of what is possible with this design.

The switch on the front is a bias adjustment for the input tube.  Designed to give you two different signatures at the flip of a switch.  One way is more aggressive and punchy while the other way is more laid back and refined.

Hope that helps!

- Steve Deckert
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Re: First Impressions of my old SE84CS amplifier
Reply #1 - 02/25/11 at 03:09:07
I was too impatient to wait, and bought the upgraded version from desktopaudioboutique.com because they had it ready to ship. I owe Steve and the site a review for this magical amp, but suffice it to say that the combo of Zen + Bastanis speakers that I have is a match made in heaven. The Bastanis cost me $2500 as a kit but sound vastly better than than the price (or looks) would imply, the Zen cost a fraction of that but is just as much of an overachiever. Maybe more so.

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