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12/21/14 at 09:24:34

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Mini Torii 2nd Impression (Read 976 times)
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Mini Torii 2nd Impression
01/25/11 at 02:50:07
I've had the Mini Torri now for about 4 months. Every week the tubes seem to break in a bit more, and the warmth of the music coming through (even mp3's) is mind blowing. I bought the amp to mainly play records with, however after purchasing Klipshorns I am listening to anything I can get my hands on.

The reason I am writing this is because once again a feature on this amp complete me blew me away. It's the tone control knob, and until now I only played around with it sparingly. Today I purchased an original copy of the Velvet Underground live lp 1969 from the local record store. This album was the first cd I purchased when I was 14 years old, the only complaint about it is that it recorded by fans through really crappy tape recorders of the time, resulting in very annoying tape hiss throughout. As I started listening to it, my wife said it was almost unbearable. I didn't think much about it, because it always sounded like this. Remembering the tone knob I turned it all the way down. This became a completely different recording, completely blowing me away; and appeasing my wife in the process!

I can't recommend this amp enough. Anyone contemplating buying one just do it, you won't be disappointed.I've been around music my whole life, and my father always had pretty decent stereo equipment (all Solid State). He now comes over with records, or cds asking to hear it through my system, because he is hearing things he's never heard before. That is basically what this post is about, I am falling in love with long forgotten music all over again; and it is pretty much solely because of the amp!

Haven't tube rolled yet, any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Re: Mini Torii 2nd Impression
Reply #1 - 01/25/11 at 11:03:45
The Mini Torii only improves with time.
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