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Worth getting tubes for Apple Lossless? (Read 2486 times)
Steve Deckert

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Worth getting tubes for Apple Lossless?
01/03/11 at 18:11:28
Hi, I really like your website and have read good reviews of your products.  I am very interested in getting a tube amp and two speakers.

Couple questions:
- is there any point in this if I am going to stick with, for 80 percent of my listening, to apple lossless? I lost my record collection to a sun exposure and am a diplomat so won't be rebuilding the collection I had years ago.  Could return to CDs but I don't think I will.
- I listen "passively" and move every four years, so likely won't have a dedicated room.  I want good sound in my living room, for reading, cooking, by the dinner table, etc.  Is the non directional speaker best for this?
- I don't understand the differences between your dual mono and stereo.  In a nutshell, could you recommend an amp matched with speakers?
- Finally, do you ship to italy? And how delicate are the tubes? I used to carry guitar tube amps around...

Thanks so much

Apple lossless and tube amps is often hard to distinguish from CD's and tube amps.  And I've always found a tube amp to be a real God send where digital is concerned.  Particularly nice when you passively listen all day long while you work or relax around the house because it's far less fatiguing.

Also, ITunes will play AIFF or WAV files in CD quality non-compressed formats including hi-res formats like 24/96  and even 24/192.  That means that if you decided to purchase a good USB DAC for your computer, you could get results that far exceed most CD players for far less money.

Any of the speakers we make would work fine in a scenario like yours, but the ERR's do it best.  If you living room is open to the rest of your house you'll find that the ERR's carry music out to the other rooms in a very pleasing way, without having to be turned up.  

Dual mono and stereo are the same thing for all practical purposes.  The main difference is that in dual mono there is a power supply for each channel, vs. a single power supply for both channels.

Yes we ship to Italy.  Any time you want to know what shipping rates and options would be, just add the item to the shopping cart and it will tell you.

I would recommend one of two systems for you:

The DM945's with either the SE84C+  or the Mini Torii.    The Mini Torii has a touch more power but cost more.  The SE84C+ cost less and can be bridged into mono if you ever decide you want more power.  That means you would have one SE84C+ for each speaker and close to double the power of a Mini Torii or 4 times the power of a single SE84C+.

The second system would be the ERR's with the SE34I.2 which would give you the same volume as the DM945's with the SE84C+.   Or, the ERR's with the TORII MKIII which is enough power to drive the ERR's to their full potential, which can be pretty loud.

Tubes are like light bulbs with thicker glass.  I've never really considered them to be delicate, and the tubes is our amps are easy to find and not expensive.  With any of these amps, you'll be replacing the output tubes every 2 years with daily use.

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