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01/23/17 at 02:18:40 

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Want to listen to ERR's before I purchase (Read 875 times)
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Want to listen to ERR's before I purchase
11/02/10 at 23:30:40
I live in Houston, TX and just bought a used Decware Zen amplifier. I have been a long time McIntosh and Accuphase user. I heard a lot about coupling a low wattage output amplifier with a high efficiency speaker driver and never heard the combination until a few days ago.

The Zen simply amazed me - so I immediately bought it. I am trying to find someone in the Houston or Austin TX area who owns Decware amplifiers or speakers so that I can listen a bit more before I make the foray and acquire a pair of ERR's.

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Re: Want to listen to ERR's before I purchase
Reply #1 - 11/03/10 at 00:37:29
Lon is in Austin and has RL2 Radials (predecessors to the ERRs) and IT Radials (similar to the RL3s).

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Re: Want to listen to ERR's before I purchase
Reply #2 - 11/03/10 at 00:50:51
Yes, I'm in Austin. Don't have any of the Zen 2 watt amps handy to use, and my amps are Toriis and an Integrated. . . And I have IT Radials and RL2 speakers, haven't yet heard ERRs (maybe one day!) and so don't know how different these are to the ERRs.  

The real test that you should try to arrange if you can is how the ERRs would sound with one of the small Zen amps. The reason I don't have my Select any more is because though it works with the speakers I have, it didn't have any power in reserve and it ran out of steam on some material (really dynamic cds, some quiet dvds).  You might consider one of the more powerful Decware amps if you plan on ERR speakers.

Anyway, feel free to PM me.
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