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06/25/18 at 09:06:09 


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SE84C+ wired in mono? (Read 420 times)
Steve Deckert

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SE84C+ wired in mono?
08/26/10 at 16:58:01
Interested in buying 2 SE84C+ to use as mono amps in system consisting of Audio Research LS26 preamp and DIY OB speakers using Hawthorne Audio Silver Iris speakers. Questions: 1) Since I would like use preamp I have no need for the volume controls or source switches. Can these be left out? 2) Because I am planning to use them as mono amps, can they be configured as such and matched at the factory? 3) In order to preserve household happiness, do they come in black? 4) Do you have any experience to suggest for or against the use of the AR preamp and the Hawthorne speakers? 5) Lastly, how much would the pair cost? Thank you very much for your time.

Yes, I can build you a pair of Zen Triodes without the volume or input switches, and wire them internally for mono.  The cost would be the same, but there would be no 30 day trial or returns since they're custom.  Also white is the only option with the SE84C+.

Another idea is to get the SE84ZS.  Same amp, different chassis, better caps.   The amp is already configured with two inputs, one goes through the volume control, the other bypasses it.  It's very nice to have both, even with a preamp you will likely find that using the variable input on the amp can allow you to manipulate dynamics from preamp to preamp.   These amps, like the SE84C+ are easily bridged.   The AR preamp can be easily evaluated against the amp's variable inputs hooked direct to your source so you'll know within minutes if the AR is making things better or worse.  It could do either one depending on what tubes are in it, cables used, etc.

The speakers are not a problem.

SE84ZS Zen Triode Amplifier $995 ea.  


If you want them permanently wired mono just write that in the comments section of the order.  It won't change the price, but it will void the 30 day trial.

Lifetime warranty either way.

- Steve Deckert
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