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What's Decware's best sounding amp? (Read 3525 times)
Steve Deckert

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What's Decware's best sounding amp?
08/19/10 at 16:13:39
I have read all the info on your amps and trying to narrow it down to the SE84ZSM or the Mini Torii. The description you have provided on the Mini leads me to wonder if you consider this the best sounding amp you have when volume leverls are moderate. The question is simply this: If money is not a consideration what do you feel is the best sounding product you  have?



Every amp we build shares the same pedigree from a fidelity perspective.  The SE84ZSM's are the very top of what is possible with the Zen Triode circuit.  They are world class references for SET amps without the coloration.  They excel into 4 ohm loads.

The Mini Torii is perhaps a more appealing package due to the fact that the amp has such a wide range of signature possibilities made possible by all the tube options it has.  That means it can be made to sound the way you want.  It also has a treble control for the single driver crossover-less or horn speaker enthusiasts.

The best sounding product is always going to be the one that fits the system best.  In other words, the best sounding amp will be the one  with the best performance with a given set of speakers and sources.

I frequently consider my TORII MKIII the overall best amp we have because of it's effortlessness and bottomless power on high efficiency speakers and it's ability to give people the Decware sound on regular hi-fi speakers, which the smaller SET amps could not properly drive.

- Steve Deckert
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