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01/22/17 at 20:16:17 

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stereo tube amplifier/peramp (Read 600 times)
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stereo tube amplifier/peramp
07/19/10 at 21:06:33
I am interested in building a stereo tube amplifier, but am not sure on where to begin. I've looked into power amplifier an d per amp kits that you can buy, and while I'm sure they sound great, I'm looking for more of a project than a kit that can be put together in a few afternoons. I plan on building my own chassis and am not a stranger to the topology of a tube amp, though I've never built one myself. I've searched the web and found a couple of good designs, but they all seem to have one part missing. (i.e amp but no power supply) What I'd like to find is a good schematic that has a somewhat updated modern parts list, as I am not really sure how to pick a good matching output transformer. My ideas for the specifications are listed below.

10 to 20 watts per channel
Push-Pull Operation
Solid State or tube rectification
Good bass / frequency response
Not “Too” expensive
Line Level Input

If anyone has any suggestions on what I should build given these specs, that would be great! In the meantime, I'll keep searching the site for more ideas.

Thanks in advance!
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