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Gain and integration of variable output DACs (Read 1453 times)
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Gain and integration of variable output DACs
06/04/10 at 00:46:34
I'm not exactly clear on this reasoning; no one is looking to listen solely to lossy mp3 audio on "sound cards". Every day a new DAC comes out that we can integrate into our PC-based hifi setups. I just had the Eastern Electric DAC here which had 4vrms output and some strangely high output impedance too.

Is there a way the volume control can be bypassed if sent back? For example, I have two DACs, but my premier one does not have a toggle to switch to fixed gain, so tonight I need to experiment with some pink noise and sine wave samples to see exactly where I'm hitting 2vrms and adjust my torii volume accordingly to avoid distotion. Guess I'm feeling picky; it seems I have just enough gain with Torii at half-volume (12pm), and I currently have it set on 6th step but need to check what's going on with DAC output w/ a voltmeter. Kick ass amp but a little legwork to integrate with the high end DACs of today imo.


This is the first amp we've done with more than one gain stage driving the output tubes which means it basically has a preamp built in.  This was done for two reasons.  A) Since the volume control only gets to the half way point before the amp starts clipping on a 2 volt source, there is a better sense of acceleration.  You could think of it as a muscle car with higher compression.  B) Using sources like computer sound cards, IPods, and other portable devices means lower than 2 volt sources will be regularly encountered, so the additional gain will restore the drive and weight that these sources typically lack.
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