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05/23/18 at 06:25:08 


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Gazebo effort Plan A (Read 1107 times)
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Gazebo effort Plan A
06/01/10 at 14:48:54
I have a 12x12 ft gazebo (octagon shaped) to get some sound to.
I will be using an older 50 watt x 2 channel amp for power.

I have 4 Clifford Design 6.5" coaxial car audio speakers NIB
60 watts RMS (each)
sensitivity 89dB @ 1w/1m
4 ohm
frequency response 45-20,000 (does not show +/- dB)
4.7 uf cap on tweeter

Now the questions:
1) If I wire 2 of the speakers in parallel for Right channel and the same for the Left channel I will have an 8 ohm load for each channel right?

2) will this affect the SPL of the speakers?

3) would I be best to just mount each on a baffle at 4 equal distant points in the gazebo roofline since I do not have the t/s parameters for boxes?

I got he idea from reading Steves "secrets of car audio" with the wiring diagram included and thought of the gazebo as a big "car"  ;)

OR perhaps I should go with plan B on the my other gazebo post?
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Re: Gazebo effort Plan A
Reply #1 - 06/04/10 at 04:01:59
Speakers in series add impedance, speakers in parallel half it, so your 4 ohm speakers in parallel will give a 2 ohm load.  

This has potential to damage most amps.

John C.

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