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Anticipating (Read 1716 times)
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05/15/10 at 16:25:22
Hopefully, my ZKIT1 will arrive mid-week, perhaps some questions as I anticipate construction.  I'm not a modder so I will be building the kit without changing parts, using the wood board method.

1) Any suggestions on anchoring the power cord on the board?
2) I see some have encountered hum. Are there any steps I should take in the construction to minimize this problem?
3) I have one amp I constructed on a wooden board, hum is minimal until you crank up the tone-preamp section
4) The suggested test points, are they measured between the letter point and ground?

I'm sure when i open the package, there will be more questions.  Until then, thank you for the help.

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Alan H
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Re: Anticipating
Reply #1 - 05/15/10 at 20:44:52
IMO a board is not a good long-term solution. Out of a case, it leaves dangerous voltages exposed, and if after building it you put the board in a case ... well why not build it into a case to start with?

If you're not up to case-work - and it's not everybody's cup of tea - , then find a friend who is, or pay a local carpenter. THis is an amp you may well want to enjoy for a long time!

You can see pics of my build at http://www.jet5.com/triode.php. If doing it again, I would make the case slightly bigger.

My tuppence worth (UK version of 2c)

2) Read the hum thread in this forum - several builders have reported success. It worked for me.

4) Yes. Multimeter between ground and voltage point.
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