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12/20/14 at 07:24:18

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Which amp? (Read 650 times)
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Which amp?
05/05/10 at 21:44:14
First, a little story.

My first tube amp was the zen84B.

I was running with it gallo micro loudspeakers. Fine. 92 db/W (later were changed and reduced to 89). Excellent volume in the 16ft x 8 ft room

Then I moved to Gallo Nucleus Solos, 90 dB/w, 4 ohm. Lower volume (not good enough for rock but excellent on classical). This was probably the best sound I ever had. Goosebumps every day. Out of body experiences. Surround sound with 2 speakers.

Then I changed to Gallo Nucleus References, 88 dB/w, 8 ohm. Not enough volume. Moved to a DIY tripath amp, 250 W. Good control - not so good sound. Not so tridimensional.

Then I bought a MF kw500 - excellent volume, spectacular, but not relaxing and not so tridimensional as the Zen. Moved the Hi fi to another bigger room. Made a lot of mods to the speakers - still not as good as the Zen. Leave it as impossible.

Now back to the old room (my office), bought a couple of Gallo stradas (87 dB/m, 8 ohm - really love the onmidirectional CDT tweeter of Gallo), to listen to nearfield (very nearfield - 3 feet away, on the table). I remember fondly the Zen84B, and can only imagine the improvements of the Christmas comes early, lucid switch and others in the years past. I was in heaven and sold it.

I need a table-top amp. The Zen would fit in size, but probably not in power. The Taboo would as well, but if it requires a preamp, then is a no-no (I have a Benchmark DAC Pre already)

What is your best suggestion?
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Re: Which amp?
Reply #1 - 05/05/10 at 22:29:01
You could try a Mini Torii, which was designed to be a desktop amp.
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