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Zkit 4 and Zkit 5.1 completed (Read 2701 times)
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Zkit 4 and Zkit 5.1 completed
05/02/10 at 21:27:10
Here are my completed Zkit4 and kit 5.1.
I was bored at home, and had access to very limited tools (a small screwdriver, a knife, a paper clip and of course  a soldering iron...)

Started with the PCB and was done within 30 minutes, went to start on the power supply (Zkit 5.1 with the 0C2 tube), only to find out that i had no box to build it in.

Later today, I remembered I had a broken Phillips DVD player, so just out of curiosity, i gutted the DVD and kept the box.

Tried mounting the transformer first, and lucky enough, there were wholes in the box with just the right spacing...

It all went pretty fast from there; I mounted the tray base back into the box and found a perfect spot for the 0C2 Socket, the Xycon resistor fit snugly into the base of the tray too and scavenged some wires from a dead UPS I had lying around....

I powered it up, 0C2 tube lit up, checked voltages, everything is spot on... Cheesy
Next step is to connect the RCA chassis mount posts and test the sound.

Anyway, as they say: a picture is worth a thousand words....

So here is the result of 7 hours of work, 2 days of boredom, some thinking out of the box (pun mildly intended) and minimal tools...

hope you guys enjoy it

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