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07/19/19 at 17:29:16 


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Voltage regulating tubes on TORII MK II (Read 6996 times)
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Voltage regulating tubes on TORII MK II
04/30/10 at 03:04:32
I noticed that on the new TORII MK III that the voltage regulating OA3 tubes can be replaced with OB3 or OC3 or OD3 tubes.

From Deckware page on the TORII MKIII -
"The voltage regulating tubes can also be changed to effect the bias and sound of each different output tube.  You can use an OA3 which gives the highest grid voltage and usually the most low end performance.  You can use an OD3 which gives the lowest grid voltage and usually the tightest bass.  If you wished it to land somewhere in between, there is the OB3 and OC3."

Does anyone know if this can be done on the older TORII MKII?

Has anyone actually tried this? What sort of results did you get?

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Re: Voltage regulating tubes on TORII MK II
Reply #1 - 05/01/10 at 01:21:04

I'm not sure and the Mark II operation manual makes no mention of this. You might try PMing Lon. If he doesn't know then Steve is your man.

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Re: Voltage regulating tubes on TORII MK II
Reply #2 - 05/01/10 at 15:02:54
Dave, I believe that the answer to your question is "Yes." I think I remember the same paragraph in the page that used to be up about the Torii Mark II.

BUT the answer I'm going to give is:  "Give Steve a call." That's the quickest and most accurate method of information.

In several ways I lost a sense of equilibrium a few years ago with tube-rolling and I have not done any tube-rolling with these rectifier tubes in either of the Toriis I have.
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