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Can the DBK212 outperform the inverted wedge?? (Read 4652 times)
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Can the DBK212 outperform the inverted wedge??
03/24/10 at 06:34:51
Ok, I have some questions comparing the DBK212 Vs the inverted wedge.

I have built the wedge using two 15’ AXIS subwoofers and I am happy to say I like the performance but I was unsure about the DBK212..?
I will be using two 12” Soundstream SPLX Quad coals. As an experiment I tried the 12” subwoofer in the box that I had for the 15” just too see how it would to compared with the AXIS 15 using the same power 1000 W  and box 3 C.F it was very close in the performance. Yes the 15” Hit low Hz while the 12” was much higher but when I ran the 15” and the 12” at the same time it was SICK!!! (It was as if you were inside a car with the bass pounding.) By using both subwoofers this allowed be to accomplish a wider range of Hz that sounded amazing.

It actually sounded better with the one 12” and the 15” at the same time compared to using the two 15” subwoofers. My plain is to use a pair of 12” and 15” with 1000W to each for my home theater.  

With that being said I have asked myself if it sounds good why not just use the same box right.. Well I want to know if the DBK212 can perform better than the wedge.

Some questions I wanted to ask are:

1.      Can you use just one subwoofer in the DBK212?  Will it work or it’s designed for two subwoofers.
2.      Should I scale up the DBK10-II for a 12” since it’s a single subwoofer?
3.      Stick with the wedge box since I had good performance or try a different design like the HK?

The Soundstream needs 2.5 to 3.5 C.f ported and the C.F in the DB is close to what I need for one subwoofer. I want to have two separate boxes.

Thank you,
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Re: Can the DBK212 outperform the inverted wedge??
Reply #1 - 03/24/10 at 19:51:04
Yes, you can use one sub in the DB212 (DB112). As far as which one(wedge or DB) is better that is a matter of opinion. Both have their merits and both will do the job when it comes to HT. I have found it is better to run different size subs for HT LFE. I am using 10"s for punch and 18"s or 15"s for the lows. The wedge is a great design but it is always good to venture out and try something different. Go ahead a build the DB12 and BOOM.

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