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05/23/18 at 10:21:35 


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Zen Triode Amp in a 100K system (Read 2022 times)
Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
sucks why continue?

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Zen Triode Amp in a 100K system
03/22/10 at 15:51:13
Hi Steve:

I am featuring the Zen in our Budget Audiophile column this issue, but after extended listening, it does indeed sound much better than it's modest size and pricetag would suggest.

Keeping in line with your "weakest link" philosophy, while I did use it with some like priced components, I did spend a lot of time with the Zen as the cornerstone of a 100k system, connected to my GamuT S-7's and DCS Paganini stack.

Bottom line, the amp was fantastic and as much time as I spend with some of the world's best (and sometimes most expensive) gear, I came away highly impressed with it!  

This is a great little amplifier that we are awarding one of our Exceptional Value awards for 2010.  I will make it a point to suggest this one to anyone that I know is looking for a small but mighty amplifier.

A note I received from Tone Audio Magazine's editor Jeff D.


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