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need opinions/knowledge about suggested mod (Read 2349 times)
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need opinions/knowledge about suggested mod
01/28/10 at 00:04:22
Hey all, I have a couple of se84cs's that started out as se84b's. I recently had my guitar amp guy do the cce mod on them. As he was looking through them(he makes his own audio amps also) he commented on the electrolytic cap on the resistor. He said I should put a cathode bypass cap there for a high frequency bypass. .33 400v.   Is this something that-is done, has been discussed, is worthless or detrimental, etc. etc. I did a search and couldn't find any info. I apologize if this is a something that is already known and used or rejected. I also apologize about my vast ignorance when it comes to all things electronic. Any opinions or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Neil.
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Re: need opinions/knowledge about suggested mod
Reply #1 - 07/15/10 at 07:06:25
A few years ago I copied the following statement from these bulletin boards and saved it:
I voiced the new EL34 Mono amps with a somewhat dry bass with the most head room possible. This works real well with rooms or speakers that are a touch bass heavy. I've been wondering all along if this is the best signature. I can remember back when I first did the Select amp, I voiced it exactly the same way and later changed it. The change gave it considerably more bass with less overall head room.
     If you want to send both amps back I'll install a bypass cap on the cathode resistor for the output tubes similar to the select. It should open things up with better depth and have plenty of bass. This would be something that you could easily remove if you didn't like it. If you like it, I would be interested to know if the tradeoff in head room was worth it in your opinion.
Thanks, Steve

I think that is what you mean.
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