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01/24/17 at 13:22:11 

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Paradigm Studio 20 worthy of  Tori MK2? (Read 1847 times)
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Paradigm Studio 20 worthy of  Tori MK2?
12/18/09 at 05:29:02
I have always loved music, play Piano all my life and day dream every time i lsiten to my system.  I listen to NAD BEE515 cd and NAD c372 integrated amp with Paradigm Studio 20 v4 monitors and really like the sound of it.  But lately. maybe because I will turn 50 in 3 years, I miss the rituals of playing with gear and improving their sound as i did when years ago.  That said, I want a new sound to my soul and that sound is into tubes.  The Tori MK2 seems to be my first choice.

Question: Are my Paradigm Studio 20 suitable for the Tori MK2? Since I live in Puerto Rico, their are not many suppliers of tube gear around and it is difficult to make listening tests as i would like to.  Any advice and comment will be welcome....Saludos!
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New Torii MKII
Reply #1 - 12/28/09 at 18:56:27
I fired it up after keeping it hidden for almost two months with HDTs-its killer! I'll report back after more extensive listening.
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