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SE84CS...output tubes going? (Read 2637 times)
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SE84CS...output tubes going?
11/09/09 at 15:35:21
Hi Steve,
I bought my SE84CS back in 2001 but it remained in storage until I got a pair of high efficiency speakers (Coincident Super Eclipse III). So I hooked up the Zen earlier this year and have been loving the sound. However, just last night while listening to Mark Knopfler's latest CD, I started to hear popping sounds from the left speaker. After a few moments, the left channel died completely. If I turn the Zen off and let it rest for a few minutes then turn it back on, it will play fine for several minutes until the same thing happens. Being a tube newbie, I suppose this is what happens when the output tubes begin to fail??

Could you comment?

I'd also like to send the amp back to you for the CCE upgrade.

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Re: SE84CS...output tubes going?
Reply #1 - 11/09/09 at 21:51:57
(at the risk of telling you something you probably already know!)
One should always have extra tubes to hand- the easiest and often the only remedy required, is to change 'em out and see what happens.
"honest honey, I need the extra tubes just in case! Wink
Best, Don
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Re: SE84CS...output tubes going?
Reply #2 - 11/10/09 at 01:43:32
Hi Jeff,

Welcome to the forum!  It does sound like a tube failure... unusual for only a year of use, I say that because you said you're a tube newbie.  They usually last for at least a couple years, and most of the time they don't fail, they just wear out and put out less power.  

When you send the amp in for the CCE mod, we'll set it up with a fresh set of tubes.

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