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03/27/15 at 14:13:01

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Quick Impressions (Read 2248 times)
Steve Deckert

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Quick Impressions
11/03/09 at 21:23:46

I'm soo glad one of your many hats is answering e-mails.  I really am not into forum's or blogging but you have my permission to use my name on your site for the following. The ERR'S are the best speakers I have owned to date. There is an openness that just was not present in my other speakers. I am an analog guy and could not believe the detail in my cassette tapes, not to mention the sounds coming off my albums. I also could not believe the bass response the ERR'S produce. I am more than pleased with these speakers and do not see in the forseeable future of replacing them with anything else.

Thank you and have a great day

Glenn Cosentino
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Re: Quick Impressions
Reply #1 - 01/22/10 at 19:00:27
An "openness." Nicely chosen word.  I find that sense in Radials, and once you have experienced it for some time, it's hard NOT TO HAVE it in your system!

Looking forward to hearing the ERR version one of these days!
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