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hum problem (Read 17666 times)
Alan H
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Re: hum problem
Reply #30 - 01/10/10 at 13:47:45
Hi Evo -  re your questions

1. Would be fine - some folk have published ZKit1 pictures and have done just that. I like the scary voltages in a box.

2. Up to you - but PCB connectors mean that the force associated with connecting/disconnecting RCAs / speaker cables will be directly to the PCB. Personally I prefer to have connection forces applied to the case - some connectors are a tight fit!

Another advantage of mounting the speaker connections on the case is that this allows you to shorten the signal path: the output transformer leads can be directly attached to the speaker connections instead of having to rejoin the PCB.

For a wooden case, you only need GND to mains earth.

Let us know how you go!
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