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04/27/17 at 00:34:56

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Headphone options (Read 192 times)
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Headphone options
10/28/09 at 23:41:18
I listen to a lot of CDs from my disc drive for hours at a time while at work.  I need comfortable new headphones and I don't need to hear what is going on around me.  I will seldom if ever use them with my decware gear.   Any recommendations for a set in the $100 +/- range?
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Re: Headphone options
Reply #1 - 10/28/09 at 23:47:00
I use these mainly with my iPod and I love them. Clear and spacious sounding. Once you get them adjusted and used to them, pretty comfortable.

B and O A8 earphones


When I bought them they were about 120. . . I see they may have gone up.
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Re: Headphone options
Reply #2 - 10/29/09 at 00:42:37
B and O stuff always looks so cool!

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Re: Headphone options
Reply #3 - 10/29/09 at 01:13:59
at your price point and for a sealed design:

Sennheiser HD 448, clear with punch and vibrancy

open design: NOTHING beats the Grado Sr60i at around 70 dollars, more refined mid and hi frq than HD 448, not as comfortable, bass clean and fast but a little weak compared to HD448

the best headphone at a great value (at 250 dollars)

Beyerdynamic DT 990!
all a different class, fast. clean, detailed, with punch and infinite finesse, amazing at the price (plus the most comfortable headphones I EVER had)

best ever bargain at 20! dollars Koss KSC 75, a "reduced version" of the Beyerdynamic DT 990, similar characteristics sonically a real mystery for the price. a bit uncomfortable if you want to listen for a long time, but probably the one I use the most for occasional listening


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