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06/19/18 at 15:38:25 


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Results from my ZKIT1... (Read 1531 times)
Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
sucks why continue?

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Results from my ZKIT1...
10/24/09 at 17:26:50
Almost a year back i ordered your Zen stereo amp kit. While i didn't have much success building the open board version, the chasis conversion built with superior parts (like Black-Gate Electrolytic Caps and Dale resistors) turned out much better than i could have possibly imagined.  

Your kit cost me about $ 500.00 Canadian.  At that time the looney lost about 20% to the greenback.  If purchased today, your little amp would only be about C. $400.00.  I had come into a considerable amount of money at the time and could have spent a lot more on more lavish electronics.  Instead i chose to commit to trying various entry level amps, transistors, field-effect, and tube amps.  With one or two exceptions most of these were about $ 1000.00 US.

I wanted to discover what quality of sound could be had for relatively little doe.  I already had various high-end speaker systems capable of getting the most from any amp out there.  These include electrostatic full-range panels.  Dynaudio esotar tweeters and carbon drivers, Horn systems like the Lowther.  And high end Klipsh Horns.  As well as full-rangers using Fostex drivers.  All these had been collected or traded over the years.  I found out that tubes have the most musical -easy on the ears sound.  

Of the tube amps, l liked the single ended versions the best.  Transistor based amps had good bass-punch, and field-effects had smooth sound also, if not quite as real as tubes.  The only thing about tube amps in this price range was that bass was not quite up to the punch of sand amps.  That is until i met your little Zen Amp.  

The little amp that could do it all!  Punchy bass, fine detail in the mids, and silky highs.  Music just sounds more engaging and enjoyable with your amp.  The Bass may not go all the way to the very bottom, but more bass detail is heard than with any transistor amp i have on hand.   And that includes one costing thousands more.  I want to just keep listening and listening all day long.  Music cuts that i may have previously passed over , now take on a renewed interest.  

Thank you Steve, for making this level of sound available for music lovers everywhere.


You're certainly welcome, and thank you for your feedback!  

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